Our Mission

Live with Intention.

Our Core Values

At Sedita Kilton we desire to “Live with Intention.” From our client relationships to our lives outside of our office, these eight core values help us to accomplish this mission:


Create Trust

The longest-lasting relationships are founded on trust and mutual respect. We believe in cultivating these types of relationships within our firm and with our clients.

Embody Servant Leadership

Not everyone can lead at all times. True leaders know how and when to serve. We call this servant leadership. Servant leaders are humble, do not seek positional authority, yield personal rights, share responsibility and empower others to lead.

Work with Integrity

We believe in transparency, maintaining high ethical standards and working like everyone is watching.

Pursue Growth and Education

We believe that everyone has something to learn. As such we pursue continued education and growth by becoming students of our craft. We encourage our employees to pursue opportunities that allow for fresh perspectives and creativity.

Provide Reliable and Efficient Service

We seek to honor our clients by exceeding their expectations and providing reliable and efficient service.


Deliver Effective Results

We want to walk away from a job knowing that our methods worked not only bringing financial wellness but also peace of mind.


Protect the Legacy

We believe it is our job to protect and steward the financial legacy of our clients for generations to come. This is why we exist and it is our legacy.


Envision The Future

We believe that in order to plan for the future, you have to envision what’s possible now. We want to be a firm that believes in endless possibilities. We strive to encourage our clients to dream big when it comes to their futures.